File_000 (1)Welcome! I am a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Linguistics and Modern Languages, the Brain and Mind Institute, and the Laboratory for Language, Learning and the brain at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. My research interests reside in the domain of language processing and acquisition. In particular, my research focuses on the development of second language  learners’ and early bilinguals’ mental grammars.

My approach to language acquisition and processing is mainly experimental. In order to explore the mental grammar (or linguistic representation) of language users, I design and conduct experiments that examine the users’ language processing, using behavioral and neurophysiological methods. However, my experimental work is informed by formal linguistics: The designs of my experiments are often built on syntactic and morphological analysis within the frameworks of widely accepted formal linguistic theories. Furthermore, my research benefits from methods of computational linguistics.

Prior to getting into the world of linguistics,  I had worked as a project manager or a business analyst at a couple of companies including Nexon, a developer and publisher of online games.